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Category Archives: Animation

C++98, OpenGL, GLM, and Assimp

Loaded bones of the character into a bone hierarchy with a root bone node. Called an update bone hierarchy method to update the bones transformations to be sent to the shader. Animations are smooth using interpolation. Connected a weapon to a bone id of the character.

C++98, OpenGL, GLM, and Assimp

Extracted data from .FBX models loaded with Assimp loader into mesh files.  Created a shader to be provided all of the bones of a mesh, and be supplied bone ids, and bone weights per vertex.  Calculating the position of the vertex from the bone position, ids, and weights.

C#, C++98, OpenGL, and GLM, no other external libraries used

Used C# to create a simple GUI for a script editor to generate scripts. These scripts were outputed into a simple .txt file to be read into a program, and generate commands. Created scripting commands such as: Move To, Orient To, and Follow at specified max velocity or max time. Each command is able to set a specific easing type; Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In and Out, or No Easing. Easing types are quadratic.